Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Instant Rice...

As I was walking into Save-On-Foods, I was thinking about our seminar. William Gibson's short chapters were done deliberately to show how the future is becoming very fast paced. I was looking for something to cook tonight for dinner and I wanted it to be quick and easy and this reminded me of how the world is changing into what Gibson is trying to protray in his book. Maybe one day all our meals will become little pills to just pop into our mouths, no time at all because we don't have time to prepare, cook and actually sit down for a meal. I finally selected side kicks spaghetti. It will only take me 12 mins tops, to cook.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is really weird hunh? I totally know what you mean, I'm always looking for something quick to eat.

What happened to all of our time, why is it that no one has time anymore. Even though our multi tasking skills are incredible and we are organized, we still have no time. But yet, everything we do, we do it quickly. I think that for some reason, these days, we just try and cram a whole lot of crap into a short time period.

11:16 PM, March 29, 2005  
Blogger Five Ladies said...

We don't have the time because we don't make the time. We work longer hours or maybe even two jobs, and try to be involved in everything possible. Is it not enough to go to school and work...no. Instead, we have to be on sports teams, music lessons, repair the car.... I'm not saying that these things aren't important but I am saying that no a days we try to do a lot more then possible. There is no time left over just to relax and spend time with your family. Are we trying to find meaning in our lives, is this why we try to fill our time with as many as things possible? What is the rush?

3:03 PM, March 30, 2005  

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