Thursday, April 07, 2005

So Long Ladies

Well, our blog is coming to an end. It has been nice chatting with you, good luck on all of your finals. Until next time...

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

violence in our society

Referring back to Douglas Coupland's book "Hey Nostradamus!", it seemed crazy to make a columbian like story happen in Vancouver. Vancouver is supposed to be a place where nothing bad happens....but this is not true. After we were shown many newpaper aritcles we KNOW this theory is not true. What I want to ask you is, is our society becoming more violent as we read a greater amount of stories about killings, high speed car chases and even the dragging of a gas attendant, or are we just more aware of what is happening because of the technology today?

Today technology is so advanced that we can read about or watch on the news what happened only hours ago. We are so hooked up with these modern technologies that we crave to see the action as soon as it happens. Nowadays if you don't know what's happening in the world around you people wonder WHY?
But what about in the 1800's? We wouldn't know what happened in our own country, yet along the rest of the world. If we were to find out it wouldn't be to months later. Kidnappings, killings and other natural disasters happened back then but people just didn't hear about them everyday.
Is the world getting worse? Horrible events have been happening for centuries....what makes today's events different? What about slavery in the 1700-early 1900's, the World Wars, the Holocaust, to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, the columbian shooting and to the gas attendant that was dragged behind a stolen car. Are we just becoming more aware of these events now?

Terry Fox

I was looking on the Macleans wedsite and I came across an article about Terry Fox. We blogged about him earlier and I just thought this was interesting. Like all of us, we have been told his story by our teachers year after year but I only knew the basics about it. After reading this, it really made me realize what kind of person he really was.

"I've often wondered why this country hasn't produced more Terry Foxes."

"Why is Terry Fox a rarity? Because he was an exceptional guy with an uplifting story, and because -- by inspiration, good luck or higher purpose -- he was blessed with the proverbial village of support."

Monday, April 04, 2005

Help for the Final

Could we try try and help eachother for the final by discussing some ideas because I am a little scared.

He told us to try and find a quality of fiction for each book, and perhaps have some quotes to go with it.

Regarding All Tomorrow's Parties, Gibson demonstrates this idea of the future, our future. The way he uses grammer to demonstrate a point is pretty original and out there. The way that the characters become an adjective, they loose their being, is he trying to prove that we really are nothing when you consider the whole. Like how Laney is a nobody when just alone, like an adjective when not put into context? What is confusing me is this integration bit. Can anyone shine a light?!?.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

All tomorrow's Parties, All tomorrow's Parties...

Doesn't it seem that we're obsessed with the future nowadays? Most people are in a constant state of worry about what will happen not only tomorrow but months and years down the road of life. I know that I catch myself thinking about the far off future too, things a year, two years, five years away. If you remove yourself from that view, you can relax a bit and see that you must live in today more in order to relax and see that that really is a long ways away. But we can't really let go of our worries of tomorrow because society is planned around that. We, therefore, must also plan lest we fall behind and become lost in a neverending today. I guess we'll continue to plan for All tomorrow's Parties, All tomorrow's Parties...

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I fell upon this blog today.

It's about this girl who gets this guy to write a paper for her, and he later contacts her university and busts her. (Notice how many comments are at the end of the story! And she does comment herself towards the end.)

Fact or fiction? (I automatically thought fact, always believing it's true first. But ya never know)

Instant Rice...

As I was walking into Save-On-Foods, I was thinking about our seminar. William Gibson's short chapters were done deliberately to show how the future is becoming very fast paced. I was looking for something to cook tonight for dinner and I wanted it to be quick and easy and this reminded me of how the world is changing into what Gibson is trying to protray in his book. Maybe one day all our meals will become little pills to just pop into our mouths, no time at all because we don't have time to prepare, cook and actually sit down for a meal. I finally selected side kicks spaghetti. It will only take me 12 mins tops, to cook.

Douglas Coupland

I found this article in the Vancouver Sun on Saturday. I thought this article would be relevant because it's about Coupland and his new book about Terry Fox. I also wanted to post it because like he says in the article, if you weren't alive in '81 you most likely don't remember Fox's marathon (I don't think many of us were). I live in the same town that Fox grew up in, blocks from the high school he attended, now named after him. Fox is one of Canada's greatest heroes, so I wanted to post this.

(I had to cut it into two parts, click on the box that appears in the bottom right hand corner to enlarge it.)

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Bridget Jones

"I'm not going to even dignify that with a response." (page 224)

I stumbled across this line, and not that this book isn't disturbing enough on it's own, but this quotation remined me of a line out of Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. I'm not sure exactly why I started thinking of the many adventures of Bridget Jones, but I found a vague parallelism between the movie and this book. Obviously, the book is focused on addction and religion, and Douglas Coupland did a hell of a job (no pun intended) in making the reader realize that one cannot predict the upcoming events in their life, however hard they try. The Bridget Jones plot is not so much focused on religion, but it tackles the addiction theme. Here we have a thirty-somehting British woman that's desperately trying to lose some weight, quit smoking, and finally find happiness with her Mark Darcy. It doesn't tackle heavier issues such as addiction to cocaine or alcoholism, but rather targets a couple of key areas that almost 100% of people struggle with. I guess that's why I liked the movie better, it has a way of relating to everyone but adding a touch of humour to the situation.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Have you ever woke up thinking that this could be your last day? I often have flashes of getting in a serious car accident on my way to work or school and then that would be the end of my life. After reading this book I kept thinking of Cheryl. I mean, she thought her life was going perfectly....she was married, graduating from highschool and pregnant. Yet, this unexpected tragedy happens and she is no longer in control of her life. Was she ever in control of her life? Unexpected events happen all the time and that just shows us that our time here on earth is so uncertain.